Thursday, October 2, 2008

"If I had a plan I would be screwed."

While reading articles about Paul Newman, I came upon a very interesting fact. Here is this guy, a real mensch, an actor, race car driver, humanitarian, and model for Newman's Own spaghetti sauce jars----who had a sign in his Wesport office that read, "If I had a plan I would be screwed."

In her book "Improv Wisdom: Dont Prepare, Just Show Up", Patricia Ryan Madson echoes the same sentiment. She says: "Let’s face it: Life is something we all make up as we go along. No matter how carefully we formulate a “script,” it is bound to change when we interact with people with scripts of their own."

Take a lesson from someone like Paul Newman about improvisation ---someone who was describes as loving "creative chaos" where "everybody had a voice."

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